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Neuroendovascular Stroke Surgery

A minimally invasive procedure to treat severe strokes

Quote 4 – For the first time in the history of stroke treatment

For the first time in the history of stroke treatment, we have the ability to get patients with the most severe strokes to the right place at the right time, without delay.

Dr. Sandra Narayanan, MD, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Why Neuroendovascular Surgery?

Why Neuroendovascular Stroke Surgery?

Speed Matters

Nearly 2 million brain cells die every minute a stroke goes untreated. For the best possible outcome, a stroke patient needs to receive stroke surgery within six hours.

Proven Outcomes

Patients who receive stroke surgery increase their life expectancy by five years compared to patients who do not receive this specialized treatment.

Trained Specialists

Neurointerventionalists are doctors who specialize in treating vascular diseases of the brain and spine, such as stroke and aneurysms, using minimally invasive approaches.

Reduced Costs

Stroke costs in the U.S. are currently estimated between $36.5 billion and $65 billion. The minimally invasive nature of neuroendovascular stroke surgery helps stroke patients get back on their feet so they are able to live independently and work again.

Quote 3 – Best Treatment

If you had a stroke, wouldn’t you want
the best treatment available?

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Together, we can strengthen stroke systems of care so that patients nationwide have access to neuroendovascular stroke surgery and the best possible chance for recovery.

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Latest News

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