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Get Ahead of Stroke is a national public education and advocacy campaign designed to ensure that every person who has a severe stroke gets the treatment that can save their life.

Quote 4 – For the first time in the history of stroke treatment

For the first time in the history of stroke treatment, we have the ability to get patients with the most severe strokes to the right place at the right time, without delay.

Dr. Sandra Narayanan, MD, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
infographic – stroke patients deserve less

This infographic illustrates the difference between systems of care for trauma patients and severe stroke patients, providing a visual reminder of the critical moments for treatment that can be lost due to inefficient protocols.

Download the Do Stroke Patients Deserve Less? Infographic
We Can Save Lives

We Can Save Lives

Like trauma, stroke is time-sensitive and requires first responders to determine how severe the stroke is.

Unlike trauma, there is currently no requirement for first responders to take stroke patients who are having a severe stroke to a hospital specially equipped to treat them.

Do stroke patients deserve less?

The Get Ahead of Stroke campaign is working on the ground in states to enact protocols that would make it possible for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to diagnose stroke severity and take patients directly to a neuroendovascular-ready facility if they are experiencing a severe stroke. The campaign aims to bring about policy changes in all 50 states so more patients can survive stroke.

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Together, we can strengthen stroke systems of care so that patients nationwide have access to neuroendovascular stroke surgery and the best possible chance for recovery.

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